The Buyers’ Home Inspection is Tomorrow – How Do I Prepare?

The Buyer’s Home Inspection is Tomorrow – How do I Prepare?


One of the most pivotal points in the sale of a home is the buyers’ home inspection. While there aren’t many things that a seller can do at the last minute to prepare, here are a few simple ways to avoid needless issues.

1. Make sure all of the lights in the house actually turn on. This may seem obvious, but sometimes a bulb blows out and we forget to replace it.  A buyer may not know that the bulb is simply out and assume that there is an electrical problem. A good home inspector will point out that there is a simple fix but buyers often overreact.  Avoid the issue and go through the house and test all lights.

2. Have the house as clean as possible. The inspector needs to be able to move freely throughout the home so make sure that all items are put away. If there is an attic, the inspector needs to have access.

3. If there is a dishwasher in the home, remember to remove the dishes prior to the inspection. The inspector will usually run a cycle to make sure the dishwasher works but they will only run the dishwasher if it is empty.

4. Make sure that the A/C filter is clean. Filters cost less than $10 in most places; it is worth the money to have a clean one at time of inspection.

5. Make sure that all of the door knobs are tight and secure. Sometimes not having the smallest items maintained makes the buyers question the overall maintenance of the home.

6. Make sure that there are no pets in the home. All pets should be boarded or left with family or friends but should not remain in the home during the home inspection. If there are smaller animals such as birds, fish, hamsters, etc. then the inspector should be informed.

Again, these are some very basic last minute tips. The real work is done prior to listing the home.

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